Casio G-SHOCK GBX-100-1

Been hunting for a new and exciting G-SHOCK for months during this MCO lockdown period, finally I get to have it in my possession.

I'm not a super fan nor am I ultra familiar with G-SHOCK products but as far as I'm aware of, this GBX-100 is one of the latest model that was launched in May 2020 for the Asia market and will only be releasing this month, June in Japan.

Most hyped up G-SHOCK watches got their prices jacked up real fast like the recent GA-2100-1A1, the full black version. So snatch one while the price is still reasonable for you.


About Casio G-SHOCK

Official Webpage





GBX-100-1DR (Asia)

Water Resistant

20 BAR

My First Impression

Really happy with it! There isn't much reviews out there yet, so I didn't get to know much before I hit purchase... Yep. But this is definitely a good buy. Or, am I convincing meself? 😂

Hahaha! Anyway this cost around $160 retail price and I got mine right below RM800 yesterday. And it is true, I bought it yesterday and received it today on the 18th of June, 2020.

Casio G-SHOCK GBX-100-1
Casio G-SHOCK GBX-100-1


One piece of information that I noticed it missing from the unboxing is - no stated specific app to download for using it along with this watch. But looking at its own Casio website, you can look up for their model specific compatible app for both iOS and Android - which is the G-SHOCK MOVE app Outbound link. I've leave the link here, you can take a look when needed.

Features Overview


The most attractive part of this watch could be the hexagonal shaped stainless steel cover / bezel. The resin band is also way smoother than the other G-SHOCK models that I own.

On the face of the watch, the big bold numbers on the LCD display is a huge change from the usual ones that I got. Since it is now in higher in resolution, the graphics and numbers when we are looking in at a distance from my eye level to my wrist shows everything very very crisp. I just love it. 😍

The one odd (but possibly good) thing about the loop on the strap is that there is two hooks inside that grabs onto the buckle hole - so you will need to force it a bit harder than usual to slide in the rest of the band.

I just love it. 😍


It is actually pretty dead simple why I love to own this watch - because it can tell the sunrise and sunset times. 🌤🌝

I am for one, love catching sunrise and sunset occasionally, this one feature just does it for me.

Though I have yet to try everything out, not even the phone app yet but I am already very glad to have got it. Haha!

There are a bunch of stuff you can find in this watch such as,

  • The violet light illumination, with auto illumination function and light button placement is right below the bezel - which is great,
  • Step counter - though it won't begin counting immediately and often see it increase by a big number but really awesome and extremely useful to have it in a non-smart watch, and pretty accurate,
  • Exercise tracker - with calories, distance and speed counter but a bit slowww... I must say whenever we enter this screen and wanting to exit from it,
  • World time zone displayed clearly on the dual time zone screen,
  • Tide height display - not too familiar or useful personally but will possibly find it useful one day,
  • Vibrate alert - a first for me on a watch, and notifications too (when connected to the phone app), and
  • All the expected Casio G-SHOCK stuff (alarm, timer, stopwatch, etc).

It is actually pretty dead simple why I love to own this watch - because it can tell the sunrise and sunset times. 🌤🌝

Understanding MOVE App

Connecting to MOVE App

It is kinda a pain in the ass. There is no other way to describe this.

First of all, it is not easy that to get it connected. It will require you to turn on your bluetooth as well as the GPS (at least it is what it says on my phone notification). If you fail, do try to press unpair on the watch.

G-SHOCK MOVE Connected Devices menu
G-SHOCK MOVE Connected Devices menu

Once you've paired them, you can rename your watch on the app and you can turn off your bluetooth on the phone. Pairing them back is as easy as turning on the bluetooth on your phone - no brainer, right?

But, a big but - when the phone bluetooth is off the watch will keep looking for a connection as long as you have not yet unpaired it in the menu. Which is odd?

It is kinda a pain in the ass. There is no other way to describe this. 🤦

So I tried unpairing them on both ends and see if it will connect back as smooth as back when it was still paired. It did not work. You will need to start the process all over again.

And I will definitley have to press unpairing a few times on the watch to get them connected. I've tried plenty of different methods, this one works the best for me. No idea if iPhone will come to a similar issue.

Then, there is this part that will surely annoys you. Whatever you have recorded previously - all gone haywire. You will be connecting to a new watch hence the watch name is reset. Steps count will be added on top of the previously recorded number instead of syncing from the watch.

Update: After another couple of days, the steps log on the app actually did sync back to the number from the watch. Which is great!

G-SHOCK MOVE Sound and Vibration menu
G-SHOCK MOVE Sound and Vibration menu

Sound and Vibration Notifications

Luckily this is customizable to my needs. So I turned off both Key Sounds and Key Vibration to prevent the watch from beeping and vibrating all the time when I press on any button.

While inside the custom notifications menu located at the lower part of the list for Sounds, everything is ON except Other Notifcations, which is for those alerts coming in from my phone. While for Notification Vibration I turned everything OFF except for Incoming Calls, Other Notifications and Alarms.

In other word, this stops my watch from beeping all the time and just vibrate when there are notifications from the phone.

G-SHOCK MOVE Sounds menu
G-SHOCK MOVE Sounds menu
G-SHOCK MOVE Notification Vibration menu
G-SHOCK MOVE Notification Vibration menu
G-SHOCK MOVE Sleep After function
G-SHOCK MOVE Sleep After function

Sleep After Function

I can't exactly sure I am right on this but I've tested this setting a couple of times in these few days. When I set it to 1:00 (one hour if I am right), it will turn off the bluetooth and stop receiving notification on the watch after one hour of inactivity.

Simply a power saving mode. ⚡️🔋

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