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I am armed with some bagel sandwich experience back when I was having a short trip in Singapore last year. I have had four different bagel sandwiches in 2 days, yes FOUR! Actually, two of them was mine, another two I took a few bites from my friends. Haha! Anyway, that’s a story for another day.

Coming back from the trip, I am still thinking about the sandwiches, they were too good and I wonder why there isn’t one in Malaysia (or, I probably didn’t know of). Until, I saw Christine’s Bakery posting about them selling bagel sandwiches on social media. I said to myself, I have got to try this!


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The Incredible Hulk bagel sandwich, MYR26.80 ($6.43) from Christine’s Bakery
The Incredible Hulk bagel sandwich, MYR26.80 ($6.43)

So to the actual bagel sandwich I tried from Christine’s Bakery. On the menu they have plenty of choices of toppings and types of bagels to choose from. I was really tempted yet I can only have one, so I go for the most expensive one. The one with the beef (cooked to perfection) and chicken, cheese with sunny side up egg and also some veggies and beetroot with a sweet jam. Paired with seeded bagel!

On the menu, my order of The Incredible Hulk, includes lamb and house smoked chicken. I must say I probably didn’t taste any lamb neither is the chicken smokey. Was too excited and ate them without taking more than one photo. Was it any good though? Yes! Yes, it is! They are so good, they deserve a shoutout and support.

As good as the best ones I've had, at a fraction of the price (in Ringgit)..

It may be subjective to my taste but I am happy enough to know and have tried a good one in Malaysia. The price of RM26.80 is also.., let’s just say almost three times cheaper than what I’ve had elsewhere, if you convert, of course 😂

I have not tried the other, but I hope they are just as good. I’ll be going back for more soon and probably continue updating this post.

Has lesser meat, probably a healthier version.

Am not paid to write this, but I do not mind to get free bagel sandwiches if you want to offer me one 😉 Hahaha! By the way, they do sell a lot of pastries which I did not try and kudos to all the staffs, were all friendly and welcoming when I was there.

It is located on the first floor in Sunway Geo Avenue. Parking is fairly easy to get on weekend.

I first saw Lim Ko Pi (啉咖啡), and for a coffee addict like myself, I knew I will be drinking here later (and I did..). Christine’s Bakery is just up and opposite Lim Ko Pi (啉咖啡) from the escalator. One o’clock from the coffee shop, there is Shin Sun Mi Market that sells very nice looking Odeng, Tteokbokki, Gimbap and many other Korean stuff. Will try all those the next time I’m there!

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