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A cafe that serves decent cups of coffee and Caramelized Bacon Waffle!


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Hot Peanut Latte close up shot

I saw this Peanut Latte from their menu and immediately reminds me of those peanuty food we get to enjoy at Udo Island Outbound link!

Needless to say, I am ordering that and FattyBonbon will get her usual Cafe Latte for a comparison. You can check out their latest menu from their Facebook page.

They have this long list of drinks menu which I did not pay much attention to as I have already made up my mind before coming here to get their Caramel Bacon Waffle. Haha!

I'm terrible at reviewing or describing coffee though I drink a lot of them. 🤣

The hot Peanut Latte has a very slight hint of roasted buttery peanut smell when it first arrived. At the beginning it smells like the latte is mixed with ground up roasted peanuts, yet later I found that the drink could have been mixed with a dollop of peanut butter spread. There are some residue left at the bottom of the cup that can be seen since I only stir it mildly while I was drinking.

As for the Cafe Latte that came with the choclate syrup drawing on top, was what I'd expect from a decent cup of hot milk with espresso that had a decent strength to it.

Hot Cafe Latte close up shot
Caramel Bacon Waffle, MYR20.00 ($4.80)
Caramel Bacon Waffle, MYR20.00 ($4.80)

And so here is the waffle that I've been waiting for. I do like the base waffle a whole lot. It is big and thick with a solid crunchy exterior and a slightly hollow and chewy interior.

I'd hope the two big scoops of ice cream to be creamier and more flavorful - that will surely completes the whole plate. 🍦

Caramel Bacon Waffle close up shot on the ice cream

The caramelized bacons were not too sugary so it wasn't that crispy but it actually is perfectly fine to my tastebud. Then there is a sliced banana with chocolate syrup on the side with (probably) Oreo crumbs on top of the ice cream.

Caramel Bacon Waffle
Caramel Bacon Waffle

Origins Coffee is located in Bandar Botanic, Bukit Tinggi Klang. Up on the first floor.

I'd suggest anyone to go pay a visit when you're in Klang and is craving for waffles.

P/S: And feel free to share what's your favorite waffles!

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