Day Trip to Udo Island

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I believe it is quite easy to stumble upon Udo Island if you are searching for attractions and things to do in Jeju.

In my case, I saw this place a week before my flight yet I still didn't hesitate to slot it into my itinerary. And guess what, this small island is exceptionally beautiful!

Though we didn't spend a lot of time there and couldn't enjoy much due to the extremely cold and windy conditions. It was really a nice place to be.

Will come back again for sure whenever we're back to Jeju.


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April, 2019

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Scud on orange tandem bicycle with helmet on
Mode / choice of transportation : bicycle / tandem bike, 20,000 won ($16.80)

You will need to own a legitimate International Driving Permit (IDP) with valid motorcycle license issued in your home country to be able to rent any of the electric vehicle here in Udo. If you happen not to have one, like in my case, then there is still hope!

Advice / Tips: Do your research and not fall for the first shop you ask.

Electric bycicles can be rented to ride around the island without an IDP and just your passport for verification. I did some survey around the shops available there and picked up a tandem bike for 20,000 won ($16.80), that's by far the best price I found for a full day rental.

Stopped for sightseeing

Umukkae (우무깨식당)

Umukkae (우무깨식당) Location Info

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Abalone Porridge and Spicy Seafood Ramyeon
Best brunch in Udo Island

This Abalone Porridge here is savoury, sweet and flavorful.

Shot from top of Abalone Porridge and Spicy Seafood Ramyeon
Abalone Porridge, 15,000 won ($12.60)

Abalone Porridge

This taste wayyyy better compared to any other we got in Jeju.

Not sure if they added more condiments or some peanut related stuff. This bowl of porridge is so full of flavor, you'll just want more and more!

Not to mention, extremely warming during the cold season.

Closeup shot of Spicy Seafood Ramyeon
Spicy Seafood Ramyeon, 10,000 won ($8.40)

Spicy Seafood Ramyeon

Very much like any Korean Spicy Soup Ramyeon, but added crabs and abalones on top. And I remember this dish was actually cheaper than the Abalone Porridge. 😮

Blanc Rocher (블랑로쉐)

Blanc Rocher (블랑로쉐) Location Info

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Udo Blanc Rocher Affogato on a chair
Blanc Rocher, Affogato, 10,000 won ($8.40)


I've tried some affogatos but never one with peanut flavored ice cream. You will definitely taste the uniqueness in this by getting a mild hint of roasted peanut butter flavor.

Pouring espresso on peanut flavored ice cream
Pouring espresso on peanut flavored ice cream
Crackers, roasted peanut & peanut butter on a chair
Complimentary crackers, roasted peanut & peanut butter

All About Peanuts

I see they offer these free samples of their own Peanut Butter as well as Roasted Peanuts on every order. I must say they taste nothing special but is always good getting to try something for free ;)

3D : Blanc Rocher (블랑로쉐) Caffe Latte, overlooking Hagosudong Beach
Scud laying on a wooden pallet outside Blanc Rocher
Me laying on a pallet facing the beach

Poyoyo Cafe (뽀요요카페)

Poyoyo Cafe (뽀요요카페) Location Info

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Peanut Ice Cream with two bear cookies
Poyoyo Cafe, Peanut Ice Cream, 5,000 won ($4.20)

Udo Peanut Ice Cream

Does it taste really special? Not exactly...

They are selling this item literally everywhere in the island. If you are already here in Udo Island, go give it a try. Unless you are allergic to nuts, you probably have no reason not to.

Poyoyo service was tip-top, kind and friendly!

Hawoomokdong Port Dock (하우목동항 선착장)

Hawoomokdong Port Dock (하우목동항 선착장) Location Info

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View from the upper deck to the port
View from the upper deck
Scud boarding the ferry
Boarding the ferry back to Seongsan Port, 8,500 won ($7.14) round trip / person
Lighthouse at the end of Hawoomokdong Port
Lighthouse at the end of the dock
They sure know how to draw attention for some snacks
A closer look at the seagulls

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Day Trip to Udo Island, 2019.

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