DJI Mavic Air — My First Drone

I'm just going to share a few close up photos and a bit of what I've encountered and learnt so far after flying it for a few times.

For more advance guide, do go over to their official Youtube channel, forums, and definitely checkout all the other advices and tips from professionals who have logged in tons of flight time. You can find them all online and especially on Youtube.


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DJI Mavic Air, folded, rear top down
DJI Mavic Air, folded, rear top down

First Flight Video

Took these videos during my first few flights. You can also watch my unboxing here Outbound link, if you are so inclined.

DJI Mavic Air, folded, front three quarter view
Folded, front three quarter view
DJI Mavic Air, folded, rear three quarter view
Folded, rear three quarter view


First thing out of the box, I would want to know how to active the warranty. More specifically to know whether have I successfully activated it (or did I not?).

From my seller, he told me once you paired your drone with the DJI GO 4 App and creating an account to login and move forward with the process, that's when the warranty starts. I was quite surprised to hear this and later found out it is actually true.

DJI Warranty starts once you paired the drone and the app together with an online account.

DJI Mavic Air, instruction 1, to unfold the rear propellers
Instruction 1, to unfold the rear propellers
DJI Mavic Air, instruction 2, to unfold the front propellers
Instruction 2, to unfold the front propellers

So I've searched up and down to check whether my warranty has started yet online. Nothing works. Nothing on the DJI website itself that let you check the warranty works. So I ended up with three choices,

  • Posting a thread on their forum seeking for help like many others did,
  • Email them at, or
  • Do a live chat with them under their help page

I tried the live chat and it works excellently. The customer service personnel who aided me was Harris, and he did a good job telling me when did my warranty started, and it is exactly the date I first created an account and run the app with the drone together.

DJI Mavic Air, gimbal protector
Gimbal protector
DJI Mavic Air, downward vision sensors
Downward vision sensors
DJI Mavic Air, instruction to take off the gimbal protector
Instruction to take off the gimbal protector


This is no easy work, especially for a beginner like me. Cut to the chase, below are the easiest method I've tried.

Phone first

Open the app and run the setup wizard before plugging it into the remote

  1. Unfold your drone's propellers
  2. Unfold the landing gears
  3. REMOVE the gimbal protection cover
  4. Screw in the joysticks on your remote
  5. NOW, you plug your DJI RC Cable on the remote into your phone
  6. With the remote attached, you can start powering up your DJI GO 4 app!
  7. Select your drone and click on Enter Device
  8. Go to Connect to the aircraft
  9. I'm going to pair with my remote so, pick Wired Connection
  10. Start up the drone and the remote control, on both, double tap the power button, long press for about 1.5 second on the second tap
  11. If you plug in after powering up the remote, your phone might ask whether to open the DJI GO 4 app, just click OK. On mine it does prompt me this every time
  12. It should now Link with the aircraft automatically if you have already done so once before, if not, just press on the blue button below
  13. Your phone with internet connection will start checking for updates, do so if there is any to avoid any issue with the flight
  14. Go Fly!

Make sure the battery level on both your drone and remote control is fully charged, or at least enough for you to make a safe flight.

DJI Mavic Air, 3-Axis Gimbal Camera
3-Axis Gimbal Camera

Remote Control first

You can also pair your Remote Control without going through the phone setup assistant / wizard, but I have lesser successions using this method. The steps are,

  1. To power on your drone and remote like steps (1 - 4, 10) above
  2. Now long press the yellow signal on your drone for 1.5-2 seconds for one beep
  3. And on your remote, press the Pause button, FN Key and the Customizable Button (located at the right hand side, top end of the remote), all at once and you'll hear it beeping constantly
  4. Until, you hear a double beep and see a green light on the remote, you have paired them up successfully
  5. You can now plug in your phone at this stage and go into the app
  6. Go Fly!
DJI Mavic Air, instruction to unfold the landing gears
Instruction to unfold the landing gears
DJI Mavic Air, unfolded, inner propeller shot
Unfolded, inner propeller shot

For a Wi-Fi, phone only pairing,

I really does not recommend the phone only Wi-Fi method, it is just way too dangerous for a beginner, myself included.

  1. Go to the app, and select your drone
  2. Enter Device and Connect to the aircraft
  3. This time pick Wi-Fi Connection and proceed to the final step
  4. Power on your drone as mentioned from the steps above
  5. At this point, if you haven't connected before, you can scan the QR.
  6. I never succeeded once, so I will go directly and press on the scan fail link, to do a manual connection.
  7. Press on the yellow signal until it beeps twice to initiate a Wi-Fi connection, or long press three beeps to reset the Wi-Fi password to the default (if you happened to forget it at some point)
  8. Now you should be able to locate this new Wi-fi on your phone to be connected
  9. Select it and enter the default password
  10. Go Fly! But be careful!

Your drone will crash into you if you are not careful. You have been warned.

DJI Mavic Air, backward vision sensors
Backward vision sensors
DJI Mavic Air, propeller closeup
Propeller closeup

Distance Limitation

I believe most of you have read the guide to know what's a Beginner Mode, so I'll not dive into that. If you haven't already know, do go and read all the guides that you have on your hand.

As for how to set or lift off the Distance Limit,

  1. Once you are in the app's camera view
  2. Press on the three dots menu on the upper right hand corner
  3. Select the first one that says MC Settings, or Main Controller Settings (with a drone-like icon)
  4. Scroll down the list and you'll see the limitation settings here
  5. Alter the altitude and distance limits as you see fit
DJI Mavic Air, side profile with model name
Side profile with model name
DJI Mavic Air, side profile with DJI logo
Side profile with DJI logo

Last but not least, fly safe and have fun guys!

DJI Mavic Air, unfolded, front three quarter view
Unfolded, front three quarter view
DJI Mavic Air, Unfolded, rear three quarter view
Unfolded, rear three quarter view

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