Dry / Chapped Lips?
Avoid Plastic!

The Solution

Is as simple as what I stated on my title. The culprit in my case is plastic, more specifically plastic bottles.

I used to drink from them ALL THE TIME.

Up until recently I stopped using plastic bottles to drink water for a change - and it changes everything.


My Experience

I lived with chapped, dry AF lips for longer than a decade. It has gotten out of hand over the past couple of years, skins were coming off and bleeding very often. 🥵

Initially thinking it was just due to dehydration since I travelled a lot back then.

Also would looooove to blame it on my own habit of biting off my lips skin... Hahaha!

But nope, because even when I drank 2-3 times the water and stayed at home, controlled my bad habits - there was still no sign of it getting any better.

Over the decade I have tried so many kinds of home remedies that you may have heard of before stumbling upon my post here - I am sure of it.

We all know they didn’t do much to stop it permanently and I feel you. ✌🏻

How long did it take to recover?

In my case, it only took 2 months of this new lifestyle changes - drinking from porcelain and glass cups instead of using any bottle to see the actual result. 🍵

How do I maintain it?

Now I only apply lip balms after washing my face and before sleep just to make sure it is properly moisturized. 💄

And I have no issue whatsoever during the day - I actually almost forgotten I ever have had dry / chapped lips before.

I really hope I get to pass this message onto people who is suffering like I did.

I know this advice may not help everyone but give it a try!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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