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Wanna go for a change from your typical Malaysian breakfast? Yet still craves for all the usual ingredients such as egg, bread and coffee?

Try the Japanese rolled omelette sandwich - Tamagoyaki Sando!


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Tamagoyaki Sando, MYR18.00 ($4.32)
Tamagoyaki Sando, MYR18.00 ($4.32)

They offer this egg sandwich in two different variations.

The first one has the tamagoyaki covered in panko and fried to give it a crispy outer layer. And they spread it with granulated sugar plus a hint of wasabi before serving them both in between white sliced bread with all the edges trimmed off.

Mentaiko Sandwich, MYR20.00 ($4.80)

The second sandwich, which was the Mentaiko Sandwich - its tamagoyaki is not fried with panko and does not have any spread in between the egg and the bread. So the additional flavour comes mainly from the mentaiko sauce on one side of the sandwich. The sauce was torched before serving and you can definitely hear the popping sound before your sandwich arrives.

Tamagoyaki Sando close up shot

Tastewise, they are both really good and I can't pick one over the other.

Tamagoyaki Sando is great when you are looking for a sweeter and crunchier meal, whereas Mentaiko Sandwich is better when you want a softer, creamier and savoury food.

Cold brew with Orange juice, MYR13.00 ($3.12)
Cold brew with Orange juice, MYR13.00 ($3.12)
Hot White Coffee, MYR11.00 ($2.64)
Hot White Coffee, MYR11.00 ($2.64)

Usually those cold brew coffee that I had was not as aromatic in taste, but theirs managed to held onto a great fragrant. Can't really pinpoint or tell what is the difference but I like it a lot.

Strawberry Tartine, MYR13.00 ($3.12)
Strawberry Tartine, MYR13.00 ($3.12)

Was not expecting the Strawberry Tartine to taste as good as the egg sandwiches but man, I was wrong.

Imagine this - the combinations of whipped cream cheese spread over a slice of super crunchy exterior sourdough bread, covered with fresh strawberries, along with some honey drizzle and chopped up mint leaves...

All come together so nicely, you can taste everything is complimenting each other in every bite. 🍓🍃

Strawberry Tartine close up shot
Fat white bread served with honey, unsalted butter and seaweed butter
Fat white bread served with honey, unsalted butter and seaweed butter

At this point we are already filled with bread but I can't help and took another go at their simplest yet special item on the menu - Toast w Butter.

The specialty here is their house made seaweed butter, in which I told myself that I'd try if I can still eat.

They did not let me down. Though I didn't really quite enjoy the unsalted butter and honey, I do however enjoy the seaweed butter with the toast very much. The seaweed inside gives the butter the familiar hint of saltiness, an ultra light but noticeable one when you take your time to savour.

And don't be fooled by that passive, toasted fat white bread sleeping at the side. The outside was toasted so carefully to achieve this nice crunch with a stretchy and chewy inside. Ummm.. good stuff. 😋

Toast w Butter

It is safe to say that we will return to give the other food on the menu a try! 😁

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